"Legendary sightseeing and superb hospitality in the Hollywood Hills"

Day Trip 1


Daytrip 1 - Laurel Canyon Hippie Hiking Tour

Venture into the mystical vibes Laurel canyon on a tour the first of its kind!  Immerse yourself in the Canyon of Dreams.  We'll hike the hidden trails and twists and turns of the narrow winding roads to see unforgettable views, homes, and scenery.  Learn the history of Laurel Canyon and hear stories about the music legends who lived here.

See the former homes of:

-- Neil Young (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young)

-- Glenn Frey (the Eagles)

-- Jim Morrison (the Doors)

-- Slash (Guns N' Roses)

-- John Lennon (the Beatles)

-- Jackson Browne

-- Paul Rothchild (producer for the Doors)

-- Quincy Jones (architect)

-- and many more!

Deep in the heart of Laurel Canyon, we'll hike a 2.5-3 mile stretch of lush nature and the best scenic views of LA. Feel the heart-pounding excitement as you ascend to the top of the Hollywood Hills!  

The tour concludes with a visit to the "Love Street" house, and the historic Canyon Country Store where Mama Cass once lived in secret.


Day Trip 2

Daytrip 2 - The Doors' L.A. Tour

From Love Street and the Country Store, we will embark on a journey through the canyon and into the city!   See all the famous joints on Sunset Strip and West Hollywood:

-- Laurel Canyon Country Store (“where the creatures meet”)

-- Love Street House (where Jim lived with Pamela Courson)

-- Chateau Marmont (where Jim fell out window and broke 2 ribs)

-- Doors billboard (location from 1967)

-- Continental Hyatt House (where Jim dangled from 10thstory window)

-- Sea Witch (Doors earliest performances)

-- Mystery Pier Rare Book (FKA Cinemathique 16)

-- Terner’s Liquor (band member favorite)

-- London Fog (Doors early performances)

-- 9000 Building (Doors big office)

-- Whisky a Go Go (Doors legendary performances)

-- Gazzarri’s Hollywood a Go Go (Doors early performances)

-- Comedy Store (FKA Ciro's Nightclub / Doors early performances)

-- Elektra Sound Recorders (Doors recording studio)

-- Themis boutique (Pam’s shop)

-- HWY offices (Jim’s movie)

-- The Extension topless bar (band member favorite)

-- Doors' workshop and rehearsal studio (where album “L.A. Woman” was recorded)

-- The Tropicana Hotel (Doors hotspot)

-- Monaco Liquor (band member favorite)

-- The Phone Booth topless bar (Doors hotspot)

-- Alta Cienega Motel (where Jim lived)

-- Barney's Beanery on Route 66 (Jim’s favorite restaurant)